Red-eyed from Philly / woken by sun spearing
prematurely off the wing / looking down, the self-same sun
lies shattered glassily across Clew Bay / blunted against the Reek’s
sharp quartzite dome / slipping softly up to Delphi, a
gifted vision of an / unregarded other life
like a postcard written / from another me
chasing an already / empty aircraft home.

I write all the time as part of my main job as an academic. But I also write outside that sphere, and am starting to focus on this part of my life with a little more concentration.

In 2014 I started writing short articles for The Conversation, a website sponsored by the University of Liverpool, among several others, which combines “academic rigour with journalistic flair”. Some of these have been republished by other online media, including The Ecologist magazine, The Week magazine, Business Insiderphys.orglivescienceSBS media (Australia) and a range of RSS and news feeds.

I also write poetry, mostly as sketches of the world around me as I experience it; often of my children and family.

The list below contains most of my published non-academic output.


20/2/17      Oroville dam danger shows how Trump could win big on infrastructure


May           Poem sequence “On Carrownisky“, Agenda Magazine Vol 49 (1-2)


11/12/14   What did the Romans ever do for us? They left a water warning

27/11/14   Poem sequence “Still life”, Agenda Broadsheet #23

05/9/14    Why not change the way you wee to save the world?

01/9/14     Battle for Mosul Dam: a new age of water wars beckons

11/8/14     It’s public attitudes to recycled sewage that need better treatment, not the water

21/7/14     Why are Fukushima engineers creating walls of ice under a contaminated nuclear plant?


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