Fieldwork in Jordan 5-10th Oct 2013

Last week I spent an amazing few days in and around Amman, Jordan with my PhD student Esraa Tarawneh.

We were on fieldwork, sampling sediments from around the catchment zone of a groundwater recharge reservoir in Wadi Wala. With fantastic support from Eng. Hatem Abu Rumman and driver Haile Suliman, we reached all but two of the sampling sites and took sediment samples and cores from around the reservoir itself. The purpose is to assess the transport and concentration of contaminants from around the catchment within the reservoir sediments, as a basis for trying to understand the implications for water quality in the recharge waters.

I also experienced the wonderful Jordanian hospitality, particularly that of the Tarawneh family. We also had meetings with several senior government, academic and NGO representatives in Jordan, where we discussed the significant challenges to water resources in that country and the potential opportunities for Liverpool (and other overseas research-led universities) to contribute to the development in this area. Much of this rewarding experience was facilitated by Dr Sudarshana Ramaraju, UNCC officer for Jordan, whose generosity and interest in Esraa’s project knows no bounds.

All in all, a wonderful experience with – hopefully – some really exciting science to come from analysis of the samples.


About Jon Bridge

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Department of the Natural and Built Environment Sheffield Hallam University

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