Sheffield Half-Marathon 2012

On Sunday 27th May 2012 I took part in the Sheffield Half-Marathon on behalf of the Children’s Hospital Charity. Sunday was the mid-point of a week of broiling heat after a cold, damp late Spring… a recipe for disaster, since all my training had been done in cool, damp mornings and now I was to run in the dry and the heat.

However, I am pleased to say that disaster did not strike, and although I didn’t quite pip my target, previous best time of 1h 50m, I did post a respectable 1h 52m 38s – so close! More importantly, I did beat my sponsorship target of £150 thanks to some wonderful

The money will go to a special new fund for the Acute Assessment Unit, to provide comfort packs for parents who find themselves unexpectedly spending the small hours of the night, or even a long day spell sitting by the bedside of a seriously ill child. In this situation one parent often has to take care of siblings, or go to work, leaving the other alone. Having arrived as an emergency, they often have nothing with them – toothbrush, flannel, food or drink, notebook (to write questions for the doctor, or note her answers), magazine… The new comfort packs will hopefully go a little way to making a traumatic experience a little easier.

For me, I hope I never need to use them (I’ve seen quite enough of AAU). But the 1h 50m challenge is still on for next year…


About Jon Bridge

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Department of the Natural and Built Environment Sheffield Hallam University

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