£25K SEED Fund kicked off

As part of my work with the Engineering Researcher Society, I conceived and developed an initiative to support post-doctoral and contract researchers in engineering to develop and enhance their enterprise and commercialisation skills.

The Sheffield Engineering Enterprise Development (SEED) Fund gives participants a total of £2,500 over a 20-week period. £1,750 of this is used to ‘buy out’ time from their primary research grant, giving them around ten days’ worth of time to devote to developing their skills and ideas around enterprise. The remaining £750 gives them a budget to support engagement in activities such as networking, training courses, contact meetings and shadow placements in industry.

Proposed in co-operation with other members of the ERS, Sheffield Research & Innovation Services, and the Sheffield Engineering Gateway, we successfully secured funds for 10 SEED projects, totalling £25,000, from the Sheffield Research Enterprise and Innovation Fund (REIF). The first round of three SEED projects kicked off at a meeting on 26th April, and will run until mid-September.


About Jon Bridge

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Department of the Natural and Built Environment Sheffield Hallam University

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